Published On 14 Apr 2018

5 No-Fuss Ways To Figuring Out Your Seo

When it comes to SEO most people do not understand where to start from. The reason is it requires some inner knowledge about how search engines really parse and rank webpages and lots of other stuffs. Search engines are designed with a special kind of ranking algorithms that does the job of ranking web pages based on various ranking parameters. Nobody knows the exact list of parameters but we do know few of the most important variables that affect your rankings.

To some people it might look like an overhead but you should know that better the search engines understands your content the better your rankings are. This is by the way not an easiest thing in the world and we need some great modern tools to ease the job. Here's the list of few of those tools that help you optimize your website for search robots.

#Check SEO

Check SEO is a great tool that analyses your webpages and figures out all the factors that should be improved to attain better credits, the tool shows all the errors with possible fixes thus making the task of optimization a breeze. With simple UI and its own page scoring system certainly makes it one of the best optimization tools.

#Google Rich Results

Rich results are those extra information (not just links) displayed in google search results. The rich results are created when you use structured data in your webpages which make a page contents better understandable by search robots. When you use structured data in your web page it greatly improves your site rankings. To make the task easier we have rich results tool that checks if your page supports rich results. Click here to learn more about structured data and its implementation.

#Page Speed

Page speed is a tool developed by google for web masters to check and optimize their website. The tools is similar to check seo but is older and a bit more trusted. It looks for various things like server response time, page loading time, blocking code, responsive design and gives out a score based on these parmeters.

#Light House

This is another tool which directly integrates into your web browser preferably chrome and checks for loads of stuffs just like checkseo and page speed but is an offline tool. It analyzes a website and generates a report. which is very very detailed and is extremely useful.

#GT Metrix

This site has a broad range of test criterias and very easy to use, you need to put your web address and analyze. It will give you way more information and errors details and solution.

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